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and take charge of your own health

How to survive doctors

A realistic guide to your rights (where they begin and end) in the doctor’s surgery and hospital, what you need to know about tests, clinical trials – and much more.   More

Consent – what you need to know 

This is essential reading for every patient making decisions on their health care. New guidelines have come from the Department of Health for all doctors and you need to be up to speed with the current position. More

How to survive anaesthesia NEW

All you need to know about anaesthesia and the choices available to patients in this all-important area. More

How to survive surgery  

This leaflet will empower you to collect all the information you need to make informed choices on surgery.   More

How to make a Living Will

Where can you buy a Living Will and what is its legal status? The pros and cons of having a Living Will and how to make one. There’s even a specimen form for guidance.  More

How to survive the complaints procedure

How to get through the procedure from informal local complaints via the review panel all the way up to the Ombudsman. More

How to survive medicine on the net

Where to look, how to look and how to judge a site when you have found it. Some interesting health sites to try.  More

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